was ist die Bedeutung dieses Wortes?

Saturday, February 28, 2009

In the course of my work, I often have to gather information from catalogues and other written materials in foreign languages. While I can usually hazard a good guess at the English translation of some basic German words, trying to figure out the more complex terms results in much loss of time. It is definitely not productive. Short of going for language courses, I really needed to find some alternative way to help me out.

So while attempting to translate some materials from Czechoslovakia, I was really glad to stumble upon Yahoo! Babel Fish. It is an online translation service on the internet that provides some basic translation from various languages to a language of your choice.

Now, drafting my proposals takes a significantly shorter time and not to mention, with more accurate information too.

Oh, by the way, the title of this post reads "What is the meaning of this word?" in German...something I always exclaim in English with exasperation when faced with strings of uncomprehenable words ;)


Wun Wei said...

Hi! Wun Wei here! :D
About the translator, maybe you can give http://www.windowslivetranslator.com/
a try as well. Just feel that it might be better than babelfish.

Angela Tan said...

Thanks for the recommendation :) Will give that a try too!

shYan said...

i use this... http://translate.google.com/

Angela Tan said...

Thanks for sharing shyan, it's another useful alternative for me to compare to get the best translation!