Milo Agar Agar

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Milo Agar Agar Close View

The weather has been terribly warm lately and apart from ice-cream, we have been craving for some cool desserts. There was a small packet of agar agar powder in the kitchen cabinet and I made some agar agar bites for last night’s dessert.

I found this recipe on the internet and modified it a little to further simplify the preparation process.

Milo Agar Agar Top View

We, especially the kids, love it :)


Milo Agar Agar


Chocolate Layer:
6 gm agar agar powder
500 ml water
90 gm sugar
5 heaped tbsp Milo powder

Milk Layer:
6 gm agar agar powder
300 ml water
90 gm sugar
200 ml Carnation Low Fat Evaporated Milk
A few drops of vanilla essence


Chocolate Layer:

1. Add water, sugar, Milo and agar agar powder into a pot. Cook until all has been dissolved.

2. Spoon mixture into jelly mould.

3. Allow to set, then lightly scratch surface with fork.

Milk Layer:

1. Add water, sugar, agar agar powder and Carnation Low Fat Evaporated Milk into a pot. Cook until all has been dissolved.

2. Stir in vanilla essence.

3. Carefully spoon mixture over the chocolate layer.

4. Chill until set.

Reference : in Biow's world


Nurul Fatin Nazeeha said...

I think agar-agar milo is delicious. And I think everyone would like to eat it. I want to try to make it so everyone can eat.

pwincess D said...

Hi there,
I tried making agar-agar milo according to your recipe but the milo mixture did not 'set' after 2 hours, even after I put it in the freezer, but the milk layer sets well. Do u have any idea? did your milo mixture hardens quickly?thanks

Mommy With Passion said...

Hi pwincess D,

I've used this recipe a few times already and both my milk and milo layers had no problem setting each time.

Did you cook the mixture till it boiled before you poured it into moulds? If it did not reach boiling, the agar agar mixture will not set.

Anonymous said...

Do you cook the water 1st before putting the agar agar powder?

or just pour everything in a pot then only turn on fire to start cooking? :)

Mommy With Passion said...

Yes, I usually pour agar agar powder in after the water boils.

If you want to pour the powder in before it boils, you must make sure the mixture comes to a proper boil before you turn off the fire, otherwise the agar agar will not set properly

Phoon Wui Le said...

I think this recipe is great but for my school project, I have only 1 hour to do it and we can only make 2 servings which is about 4 agar agar. so can you help me? because my test is on Wed (23/9).

Phoon Wui Le said...

Can it be made within 1 hour? Because I am given only 1 hour to complete the whole recipe for my exam. b.t.w I can only make 2 servings (4 agar agar). So can you help me??? Please...

Mommy With Passion said...

Hi Wui Le,

Thank you for considering my recipe for your exam, I am honoured :)

Well, I think it will depend if you are able to make everything quickly. It doesn't really take long for the agar agar to set. What I did is to put it into the fridge when a layer is done to get it to set quickly before I did the next layer.

Since it is going to be for your exam, may I suggest that you try out the recipe so that you are better able to gauge if you will have sufficient time?

HANNAH said...

Hi, what are the quantities needed for 2 servings? thank you in advanced!

Mommy With Passion said...

Hi Hannah,

The quantities listed in my recipe make about 36 pieces, about 8 servings. So for 2 servings, you'll probably have to use about a quarter of it.