New sheets next to the skin

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I love shopping at Robinson’s for bed-linen because of their huge variety and excellent customer service. We recently retired an old set of bed-linen and with the newly-launched Shopper Relief Measures as an added incentive, it was time to shop!

Amidst the riot of prints, patterns and colours, I threaded my way past shelves and wagons filled to the brim with sheets. It helped that I already had an idea of my choice - white or light earthly neutral tones (but not browns, beiges since I already have those), something neither too masculine nor too feminine, absent of embroidery and with at least a 500 thread count. With that in mind, it was fairly easy to shortlist my options from the galore of offerings.

My special thanks go to the sale personnel who attended to me. She was extremely patient in catering to my requests to pick and match various options to create a combo that I was finally satisfied with and so finally, I settled on a cotton sateen set in white and grey from Oasis Living’s Signature series.