Where in the world is she?!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

That was my first reaction at the airport two days ago. Then it dawned on me that I might have been played out.

My ex-maid's contract would have ended in early January 09 and she indicated countless times that she wanted to renew her contract with me. She went for her home leave and was due to return two days ago. However, when we went to fetch her from the airport, she was not there and has remained un-contactable since then. Initially I had wondered if perhaps something might have happened to her but as the days passed and still no telephone call from her, I am convinced that she has pulled a fast one on me.

I simply cannot understand why she had to do this MIA thing. If she did not want to tell me face-to-face that she has changed her mind about renewing her contract with me, she could have called me from Indonesia, cook up some story if she wants to and say she is not coming back! Then I could have gone ahead to find another helper instead of waiting her.

She had been a great help around the house while she was with us but the whole pleasant experience with her has soured with how she has chosen to end the 2-year relationship. If she had been forthright, we could have said our goodbyes properly and wished her well.

As things are now, I am now urgently sourcing for another domestic helper. So here I am, running around various maid agencies, hoping to find a helper who has the potential to be a good fit for our household.

Someone told me : Without a maid, headache. Employ one, also headache. Sigh…