Future Singapore?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sometime ago, a friend who owns a couple of property investments here mentioned that it will be worthwhile having a peek at the Singapore Master Plan before going property hunting. It can probably give you an idea of how developed or undeveloped, the area surrounding a potential property will be.

However searching for a similar master plan for the Singapore MRT lines and stations proved not as simple. There are several speculative versions with tons of lines and stations but none have been endorsed by the Land Transport Authority. Here and here are two of the latest versions. It is hard not to get cross-eyed just from following the lines! The only official version appearing on its website shows only lines that are already either operational or reported by the media. So, take them with a pinch of salt or have fun drawing up your own version :)

Speculative MRT Rail System Map
Future Rail System Map Version 3 reduced