School days

Friday, February 13, 2009

School Friends

Big Buddy came home with this photo and pointed out his pals in school.

You know your child is growing up when he starts having his own bunch of friends and talks about going to so-and-so’s house or inviting so-and-so over to play. The realization that he has grown so much since his toddler years hits me as I think about the way his personality and character has formed and matured since he started school last year.

Previously quite easy-going, he is now very vocal about his likes and dislikes. He exhibits maturity in his conversations with adults and displays keen problem-solving skills in the face of a set of challenges. He has outgrown his shyness with unfamiliar faces and calls out a friendly hello to people he meets on the streets and in the lift. He is also slowly finding cheeky ways to out-maneuver Mommy.

It warms my heart and infuses it with a sense of parental pride and achievement to witness my elder son’s development. Truly I look forward with anticipation to the years to come.

Carry on growing son, the whole world is waiting for you!