Now I know my ABCs…

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Modern Classics Alphabet Poster by Blue Ant Studio

I have been flashing alphabet cards daily to Little Buddy since he turned one year old. About 2 months back, I switched my materials to cards that depict purely letters without illustrations - materials which may perhaps even be perceived as boring by young children. I have formed neither expectations nor targets, only mere curiosity, as to when he would be able to recognise and read them all.

Alphabet Flashcards

However, his innate appetite to learn and ability to remember has me excited at his progress since. He would frequently point to words and letters in books, on boxes, clothes, signs, etc and ask “What letter is this?” I began by telling him what those letters and words were until one day, I decided to play a trick on him and told him the wrong letter on purpose. To my amazement, he said “No!” and corrected me. That made me sit up as I realized that he is actually absorbing what I have been teaching him.

Before you chastise me, let me say that I am fully aware that young children soak up new information like a sponge. It is just that while I did the same with Big Buddy when he was that age, Big Buddy did not exhibit any full comprehension that he understood me till later and it was with illustrated alphabet cards.

Three weeks ago, Little Buddy read all 26 letters correctly and has proceeded to spell some simple words.