Look at the water!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ever since I dug out a kite from the cupboards, the boys have been clamoring for some kite-flying action. Good weather conditions beckoned so we decided to pay the Marina Barrage a visit after recommendations that the rooftop garden is a perfect spot for kite-flying.

The Marina Barrage generated a bit of a buzz at its official opening on 31 Oct 08. With its dual function also as an integral component of a flood control scheme, it is touted as Singapore’s first city reservoir with a range of fun activities. Hubby and I thought it would also be a good opportunity to have a look-see at the place.

Little Buddy in sunnies

Loud sirens greeted us the moment we alighted from the car. We had a hunch that the reservoir crest gates were about to open and thus made our way there to witness the rush of waters. I had heard how there is no schedule for the opening of the crest gates but is instead dependant on mother nature - the tides and water levels within the reservoir. Thus, we were thrilled to be just on time to catch the action. The crest gates opened really slowly and it was just amazing to watch the waters in the reservoir tip over the gates and rush out to sea. The rush and roar of the waters, with the wind caught in our hair, made it an exhilarating experience for our family.

Rushing Water

Skyline from Marina Barrage Pavilion

We ventured into the Sustainable Singapore Gallery which explained Singapore’s water strategy and demonstrated the functions of the Barrage with a working model. Before the kids created any damage with their overly-enthusiastic pushing and pulling of buttons, levers and what-nots, we hastily made our exit.

We made our way to the rooftop with the intention of flying our kite but alas, the wind was fickle. The direction changed every once in a while and made it difficult even to launch the kite. Meanwhile, the kids were apparently more interested to run around chasing each other and so the kite was abandoned. We ran down the sloping garden towards the ground level where the water play area caught the kids’ interest and we spent some time at the shallow pool before calling it a day.

Family Shot at Pavilion

Big Buddy taking a break in the shade

It was a wonderful day spent, part in fun and part in educating our kids on water.