Here we come, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TCC Abundant Living

Here we are, well into the third week of January 2009 and here is my first blog entry for the year. Forgive me for my tardiness, my days have been really really busy – my new domestic helper has not yet arrived…

There is usually much talk about new year resolutions round about this time of the year and the cliché predictions about how people never fulfill those goals by New Year’s Eve. I never had the habit of making new year resolutions and but this year, I had thought long and hard about my expectations and outlook for 2009.

Newspapers and analysts round the world are predicting gloom and doom for the next few years. It is not difficult to be pessimistic about the future, worrying about job security and the economy. There is so much depressing news that it just builds a climate of fear and despair.

As I thought about 2009 and what I expect to see, God brought me on a journey of my family’s experiences in 2008. On hindsight now, I see the hand of God leading us through paths that were still murky when treaded then. I had questioned and debated with God, anguished over events that did or did not happen and half fought my through 2008 with God. Now that the mist has cleared, His works and promises fulfilled become apparent.

And because I saw His faithfulness displayed time again, I am imbued with a quiet confidence that God will see me and my family through another year. I believe that my family will be kept secure in the eye of the storm. We will not just survive 2009 but we will be triumphant. We are stepping into the Year of Abundant Living and we are going to reap its abundance!