Book Review : For One More Day

Monday, January 26, 2009

For One More Day

I came across some recommendations on Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom. While I was unable to borrow it from the local library, I found For One More Day by the same author.

It is a story of a guy who attempted suicide, went into a coma and got a chance to spend one day with his decreased mother. Through incidents that opened his eyes, it brought to light his mother's undying love and support for him.

To be honest, I was not impressed by the storyline. I had also read Albom's The Five People You Meet In Heaven which also employed a similar fantasy/fairytale-kind-of theme which does not appeal to me. There have been great reviews for Tuesdays With Morrie so maybe, I will just pick it up and see if it will reverse my verdict on this writer.

Verdict : 4/10.