All ready for the Chinese New Year

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lunar New Year Toes

How do you like my toe-sies all done up for the Chinese New Year in festive red and mini floral blooms? I had them done yesterday at a little shop at Orchard Plaza for a meager $30 for the whole works!

It was an enjoyable day out yesterday with lots of ME time. After the pedicure, I pampered myself with a heavenly 2-hour facial with eye, face and neck masks and an upper body massage. What bliss it was to be able to indulge one-self!

Next, I proceeded for some retail therapy at City Plaza. My impression of that place had always been shops selling auntie clothes, mobile phones, knick knacks that would mostly appeal to youngsters or domestic helpers (considering the crowds of Indonesian foreign workers milling around that place on weekends). The avid shopper that I am, I decided to give City Plaza a second chance after someone told me that it was clothes haven.

The majority of the shops still hawk clothing that can hardly be ranked on my scale of appeal. However, after 3 hours of patient scrimmaging and sifting through the various stores and racks of clothes, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to score some good buys. My booty for the day included two dresses, a skirt and a blouse, all for just $100.

That rounded up a wonderful day for me :)