Wedding bells a-ringing

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well-wishes are instore for my brother and his long-time girlfriend who will be tying the knot end of the year. It has been a dating marathon of many years for them and all of us are happy that they have finally made up their minds to get hitched.

Their good news brings back memories of my own wedding nine years ago. The hectic preparations prior to the event brings a smile to my face as I recount the countless decisions that needed to be made. We were blessed manifold by our wonderful family and friends in so many ways and we truly had a fantastic wedding, just the way we wanted it done.

Come next year, Hubby and I will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary. I am fully convinced that I married my soulmate, a man whom I will still choose if I have to choose a life partner again. In many ways, he is the opposite of me and in that same number of ways, he is my balance. He brings a calming balance to my vivacious side, an analytical mind to my passionate nature. He takes on the role of a creator of beautiful things to my appreciation of beauty, an ocean of thoughtful ideas to my outbursts of emotions. Dear, I love you.

I am pondering over how we will commemorate the special year. Nothing too fanciful but definitely something meaningful. Perhaps a studio photo session with our kids? A pair of couple watches? Or a nice dinner celebration with the extended family? Maybe a second honeymoon for just the two of us?

Hmm.....something to think about.