Ride the wacky DUCK Katrina

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our family joined some friends on the Duck Tour yesterday afternoon.

We were warned that weekends are busy times and it will be advisable to pre-book the tickets especially if we had a large group. And a large group we were too - 11 adults and 12 children.

Considering the fickle weather recently, thankfully the weather held up and we had a dry and sun-hiding-behind-clouds kind of day.


Honestly, Hubby and I were not too impressed with the Duck Tour. The ride was not very comfortable and it got quite bumpy when on the road. The scenery was quite boring since the buildings have been there since eons ago and the Marina area is undergoing major construction. It was like one huge construction worksite. The only interesting bit was the informative trivia that the tour guide dished out along the way.


But the reaction of the kids was different. Big Buddy was excitedly anticipating the Duck Tour as he has this fascination with the various modes of transportation. He could not wait to get on the vehicle and Little Buddy was just game to do whatever his brother was doing. They particularly enjoyed the water part of the ride, waving and shouting hellos to the other boats that passed by.

The joy of the kids was enough to make it a satisfying trip for us. To see such bliss and enjoyment on their faces made our day.


Yes, that is the whole bunch of us.

Oh by the way, if you are contemplating a ride, be informed that Singaporeans and PRs are eligible for 30% discount off ticket prices although this is not advertised on their website.