Oh joy of joys

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This morning Big Buddy gave us a nice present.....a dry pull-up pants!

Finally, after a long long time, Big Buddy woke up this morning with a completely dry pull-up. The very first time despite him not having woken up in the night to use the toilet. After waking up this morning, he went to the toilet and came to tell me 'I'm dry!'. Heh heh.....maybe this is the result of telling him how wonderful Little Buddy has been at not passing urine into his diapers for the past one week.

Just as I was resigning myself to the thought that it may take him quite some time before he manages to wake up to use the toilet at night, he springs this nice surprise on us. This just proves to me yet again never to underestimate the influence of one sibling on the other and to remain optimistic in the face of challenges of bringing up children. A breakthrough will come at the moment you least expect it to.