Tile painting

Monday, September 15, 2008

We happened to walk by the Crossroads, a Yellow Ribbon Project exhibition at Marina Square yesterday. There was a booth organised by hansart, one of their sponsors and my boys were invited to try out tile painting.

Because of the age difference, both boys were given different art materials. Big Buddy was instructed to draw a design in pencil on his blank white tile before going over with paint while Little Buddy was given coloured markers and told to draw straight away on his. That went rather well till Little Buddy saw his brother working with paint and his independent streak took over.

Little Buddy demanded to be allowed to use paints with full autonomy as to how he should hold the paintbrush, what colours to use and where to apply the paint. Considering his age, he has rather good control of his fine motor skills, managing to produce a fine piece of work all on his own.

Little Buddy's Tile Painting

Big Buddy displayed an acute interpretation of his version of a dog and a cat which he painstakingly drew with a pencil but which resulted in an interesting smorgasbord of colours.

Big Buddy's Tile Painting

The session concluded with 2 proud parents and 2 happily-satisfied boys, a proud Big Buddy and a paint-streaked Little Buddy.


Sameer said...

Fantastic! I love that you encourge your kids to express themselves so freely and with creativity. i am looking forward to Safiya's art exploring days which are yet to come. And, for that purpose, am actually having decking added to the house so she can have an 'outdoor studio' and i don't have to spoil the walls and carpets! Hopefully we can get together when i am back in Singapore and talk more about the kids and their 'wonders'.

Take care, and God bless, Safeenaz

Angela said...

Well, I just think art can be a window to a person's thoughts and character. Also, it's fun and what the kids can do is amazing. Wow an outdoor studio is such a great idea. Safiya is so blessed! Yes, let me know when you are back, we can catch up properly then :)