Where is Jesus?

Friday, March 21, 2008

"Do you know why we celebrate Good Friday and Easter?" I asked Big Buddy over lunch yesterday.

"Huh?" was his reply. So I ventured to explain how Jesus loves us so much as to die for all of us on the cross and how He then rose from the dead three days later on Easter Sunday.

To ascertain if he understood what I had said, I asked "Where is Jesus?"

"On the cross" Big Buddy said.

"Well, Jesus died on the cross but because He is alive now, He is in heaven. And if you love Jesus, you can also ask Him to come into your heart." I was trying to share Christ to my son! "Do you love Jesus?"


"OK, so can Jesus come and stay in your heart?"


"So where is Jesus now?"

"In my heart" came the reply.

I realise with all probability that Big Buddy may not fully comprehend what had transpired in this short conversation. It is sometimes a challenge to share in a manner understandable to a young child. However, I choose to believe that I had deposited some Christian truths in his heart.

Hubby and I are fully convinced that as Christian parents, our sons should be brought up according to God's ways and this includes talking to them about God. While we are thankful and grateful to school and nursery teachers in church who share God's word and values with them, we recognise that ultimately, it is our sole reponsibility.

Today, I asked Big Buddy again. "Where is Jesus?".

"In my heart" was his reply.