Toasted mixed cereal

Monday, March 24, 2008

I bought this from jones the grocer at Dempsey Hill on Saturday. The generous proportion of dried fruits to muesli was mainly what attracted me to it. The ingredient list includes an interesting mix of oats, wheat, sunflower, coconut, almonds, sultanas, paw paw, apples, apricots, wheat bran and millet.

Hubby and I had it for breakfast this morning. The toasted muesli was fragrant with a nice crunch to it, not too dry and hard. However, the mixed dried fruits were too sweet for my liking. Or perhaps the high fruits to cereal ratio made the serving overall sweeter. I prefer my breakfast cereals unsweetened; I even eat cooked oats plain, on its own.

Maybe I should stick to plain cereals next time and just add raisins or other fruits on my own.