My Little Climber

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Right from a few months of age, I knew Little Buddy was going to be very athletic. He lifted his head and upper body from a lying-down position at 5 months and sat up at 8 months. Nothing spectacular you might say until you realised that he sat up not by first rolling onto his front and then pushing back till he sat on his bottom. No, not my Little Buddy. He sat up from a lying-down position by doing a sit-up with his stomach muscles!

Since then, I have been more attuned to his physical achievements which came fast and furious once he got onto his two feet. He walked holding onto supports round the house at 15 months and 3 days later, walked unaided. He could walk a small dog on a leash, squat and stand up again without support at 16 months. At 17 months, he kicked balls with one foot while balancing on the other and danced to music at 19 months. Round about that time, he started climbing on those playground structures and insisted played on slides that were taller than a single storey. Those mini slides no longer interest him.

Today though, he amazed me with his athletic prowness by climbing up my body! Literally! I was standing facing him and holding onto his hands. The next moment, he put one foot against my knee and by pulling on my hand, he lifted himself off the floor. He then proceeded to place the other foot on my waist and in this manner, climbed up to almost my shoulder! And Little Buddy seemed to enjoy it!

I will be waiting to see what other antics he gets himself into. At the same time, we do keep a watchful eye on him lest he hurt himself or do something dangerous.