Let's go outdoors!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The past few days have been a blur of visiting, feasting, hosting, feasting and some visiting again. So after breakfast yesterday morning, we piled into the car and headed out to Pasir Ris Park for some family time.

In an attempt to workout some of evils of excessive eating over the CNY, Hubby and I decided to rent a bicycle each at the Bicycle Station. Eventually though, we only took one bicycle as Little Buddy clung onto me and for the life of him, refused to sit in the attached child seat. On the other hand, Big Buddy thoroughly enjoyed his first taste of riding pillion behind his daddy on an adult bicycle.

To my surprise, when Little Buddy and I reached the huge children playground on foot, Hubby and Big Buddy were also there! Apparently when they cycled past the place, Big Buddy could not resist the lure of play and new friends, and insisted on disembarking to have a part of the fun there. The bicycle was thrown aside. The boys then proceeded to climb, slide, jump, crawl, stomp and swing to their hearts' content. Any parent with two active monkeys like mine will tell you it is almost an impossible feat to simultaneously keep an eye on both. With each boy running off in separate directions, deaf to your calls to wait up and entirely oblivious to your distress at having to keep up with them, Hubby and I gave up on our heroic plan to exercise and joined them instead.

We walked to the beach for a breather before going home. People lazed in their tents, others swam in the sea and there was a dog digging at the water's edge. The rolling waves were so gentle that it gave off a rather hypnotic effect.

On the return journey to the Bicycle Station, both kids squabbled and fought over who got to ride on the bicycle. You would have thought Little Buddy will steer clear of it but no, he decided that he wanted to do what his elder brother was doing. And so, Little Buddy had his time on the bicycle.