Bundles of wealth

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I thought it would a nice gesture for Big Buddy to give mandarin oranges to his school teachers, his school bus uncle and lady when school reopens after Chinese New Year. After all, the teachers have been doing a great job teaching and caring for him in school. The bus driver and lady too have been very careful and mindful of child safety while ferrying him to and fro school each day.

However, I doubt if he can handle so many oranges and remember to give a pair to each person. There is a real possibility of him losing some of the oranges on the way to school and I would be terribly embarrassed if he ended up giving only 1 orange to each of his teachers or some other worse scenarios! So I decided to help him by wrapping these bundles of mandarin oranges. I reckon it will be much easier to remember to give a bundle of two mandarin oranges to each of his teachers and the bus driver and lady.

The whole family got involved in the process. Hubby and I cut the orange cellophane wrappers to size, arranged the mandarin oranges, tied the twisties. Big Buddy passed me each sticker to be pasted on while Little Buddy just waved the rolled-up cellophane wrapper around much like a sword. We had such fun together and wrapping the 8 bundles became less of a chore and so much more enjoyable.

If I may say too, the wrapped mandarin oranges look really good and festive with their orange wrappers ..... a pile of Bundles of Wealth.