Little Buddy is off diapers.....Hooray!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Toilet-training is one of those major parenting topics that many parents of young kids like to dwell on. There are severals schools of thoughts on this well-discussed topic, ranging from the hows and whens to the whys and what-not-to-dos.

I am quite laissez-faire about having my kids toilet-trained and I suspect this may be part of the reason why Big Buddy is still in night-time diapers. Anyway, my mother suggested toilet-training Little Buddy sometime back and yesterday, Little Buddy went diaper-less during his wakeful moments.

And I am so proud to announce that he only had a couple of accidents for the past two days! And that was because we forgot to bring him to the toilet. In fact, on the first day itself, he was very receptive to the idea of passing urine into the toilet bowl or potty whenever we brought him to it. Not bad, really not bad at all.

Well done Little Buddy!

Edited on 1 September 2008 to add :
Little Buddy's toilet-training is progressing very well. He has learnt to vocalise when he needs to pass urine. Today, he woke up from his afternoon nap saying that he wants to 'pass urine' and when I checked, he had a dry diaper!

Edited on 2 September 2008 to add :
Upon waking up this morning, the first thing Little Buddy said was 'pass urine'. We brought him to the toilet where he released a full load and we were so pleased to find that his diaper was completely dry.

Edited on 3 September 2008 to add :
Little Buddy woke up dry again this morning and another new achievement for him today.....

We made Little Buddy wear a diaper when we brought him out this morning as I was afraid of not being able to find a toilet in time. To our much surprise, he absolutely refused to pass urine in his diaper and insisted on us bringing him to the toilet. He managed to hold it in till we found one and the moment we pulled down his diapers, his little stream spurted out almost immediately.