My Little Handy Man

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Having been a witness to his father taking apart the tower fans for cleaning, Little Buddy got out his little plastic screwdriver to 'fix' the fan.

Fixing Fan

As an aside, if you have those tower fans at home, chances are, you would probably have been as frustrated as we had been in having them cleaned. There is absolutely no way in which you can take them apart other than applying brute force.

I called the service centre and was told that we can only wipe and vacuum them on the outside. "If you require a thorough cleaning, you will have to bring it down" was their ridiculous reply to my question before adding "...but you will have to pay for it".

I have five such fans at home, can you imagine how much a regular cleaning for all will cost me?! Not to mention the inconvenience caused. This will be the last time we are going to buy tower fans. Nicer to look at but terrible to maintain.