Busy as a bee

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy busy busy! That is how I would describe the past 2 months.

Business-wise, we have been swamped by RFQs as we jostle for a share of the early childhood education market. MOE and MCYS are inviting eligible preschools to submit their applications for grants given for purchases of educational products and other teaching aids. With tight deadlines to meet, I have been working late into the nights to rush out quotations.

Well, I am not complaining. Being kept busy with constructive tasks is a good sign.

In the business world, everyone seems to agree that it is all about profits. I would like to position ourselves as different. Yes, staying profitable is importable but we desire to be successful through honourable means. I desire that my character and soul to be kept from being tainted by any thing that shuns the light of day.

Sometimes, because of this stand, we lose out. And so I have been asking the Lord to bless my business, to bring in successful deals. I wanted the Lord's goodness and His glory to be manifested through what I do so that even my work can be a testimony of God's blessings.