Mini cyber geeks

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mini Computer Geek

I wanted to create an email account for each of my sons so as to enable them to each own at least a decently-named email address.

Little Buddy has no problem getting his at Gmail since he has a relatively unique name. However, I had difficulty finding something meaningful for Big Buddy. I knew his name was a popular one but was surprised that when combined with his father’s last name, it was still a pretty much common occurrence.

I created accounts with Hotmail and the associated but I failed to get them to work with my Microsoft Office Outlook despite checking out the various help forums and fiddling around with the settings, etc.

Finally, for ease of checking emails, I decided to settle for Gmail for both fellas till I figure out how to get Hotmail to work with my Outlook.

Me a cyber geek, not!