A new kitchen toy

Sunday, April 5, 2009

After relying on arm power for a couple of times, I finally decided to pamper myself with a mixer. After my experience with the Steamed Sponge Cake, any mere thought of having to hand-beat or hand-whisk another bowl of batter really scares me off. Since I intend to embark on a conservative plan to bake at least once in two weeks, it may well be a reasonable investment considering the bargain price I got it for.

A cursory browse in any of the larger electrical stores will boggle your mind with various brands and their myriad of functions. Most of these high-end models will easily set you back by a couple of hundreds or even a thousand dollars. It will be madness for a novice baker like me to go for one of these Rolls-Royce mixers - I can hardly justify the expenditure! Brands like Kitchenaid and Kenwood will sit well in kitchens well-fragranced by the aroma of frequent bakes. My budget will instead be something less than $60, with as many functions as possible and made in an as-reliable-as-possible nation.

It had taken me a few weeks of researching functions and plenty of price checks before I decided on the Philips Handheld Mixer HR1561. However, a quick pop into Best Denki today showed that the Philips Stand Mixer HR1565 was on sale at $62. When I next checked in with my regular electrical appliances supplier, I was offered an even better price than that.

And you know what? The best thing is that in the end, my mixer was gifted to me by my mother :)

Philips Mixer HR1565


Anonymous said...

hi ... convinent to let me know where to buy the philip cake mixer ?

Mommy With Passion said...

Hi Denise, I got it from Harvey Norman, Tampines Mart branch.

Simonne said...

I'm thinking to get the same model. I really have no one sponsor me for kenwood hahaha... Is it 350W?


Mommy With Passion said...

Hi Simonne,

Yes it is 350W. It has been serving my needs pretty well and no complaints about it thus far :)

Anonymous said...


I know this is a really OLD post, but I need to check with you whether your philips cake mixer has rust proof beaters, you see, I bought a Cornell cake mixer recently and its beaters became rusty ( from head to toe ) after the first use, I was soooooo mad.
So, I hope this philips mixer is ok, right?? Your philips cake mixer still alive? Tks.


Mommy With Passion said...

Hi Genny,

So sorry, I have been busy with other engagement and have not come in here for a really long while. The Philips mixer is still going on strong! No rust since I first used it in 2009. You did air/wipe them dry before storing right?