A bugging minor problem...and its solution!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The cyberspace is like a cavernous storehouse of information with more being continually added. With the vast amount of information (and disinformation) churned out every second, I have no reason, and am also not so swell-headed, to believe that my 2-cents’ worth of ramblings on my blog is captivating enough to generate a massive fan club.

However, in a bid to generate more traffic here and to meet new friends in the virtual space, I have been using Ping to widen the reach of my blog. It has been really simple, write my stuff, make a post and then do a Ping to inform that you have something new up on your blog space.

However, since end February, my posts have not been Pinging and various attempts based on my limited technical knowledge to fix it, have been frustratingly futile. It is a minor issue but yet it bugs me that Ping has worked well previously and the issue developed out of the blue.

It was a God-send when I came across this today. In desperation, I followed the steps and hey presto!...it works without a hitch!

So I am back to Pinging happily again.