It was Big Buddy's first day at school

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

and I was so proud that he did not shed a tear …..

I heard enough stories of children screaming their lungs out, desperately clinging onto Mommy’s legs while she repeatedly reassures her child in vain. Heard too of how some children have nightmares after starting school, how others refuse to change into their uniforms and yet some others register their protest by throwing tantrums. I was determined to avoid all of these and more. And so weeks…no, months actually, before Big Buddy was due to board the school bus for the very first time, I diligently set out to prepare him for school.

I told him about school, what fun he is going to have with the friends he will make in school, the toys and games, the story-telling sessions, the painting and artwork that he will do, the playground with swings and the school bus that will fetch him to and from school. I borrowed books from the library and showed him the things he will find in school. I brought him to his school’s Orientation Day, showed him his classroom, introduced him to his teachers and let him roam about the school grounds in a bid to build familiarity with the school.

2 Jan 08 dawned. With a good breakfast downed and smartly dressed in his new uniform, Big Buddy boarded the school bus with barely a wave. I watched with mixed feelings… son had grown up. Hubby and I secretly followed in the car and at the school, watched him file into his classroom. Big Buddy seemed a little bewildered initially but soon settled in. I was relieved that it all seemed so easy and a little smug that I had prepared him so well.

Then the classroom door opened and the children trooped out. I cranked my head to search for Big Buddy. He was nowhere in sight. I moved closer to the classroom, perhaps he is still in there? Sniff sniff…..a sourish pungent smell assailed my nose. I caught sight of Ry standing in the classroom and someone mopping the floor in front of him. Big Buddy had been sick.

A visit to the paed confirmed that Big Buddy caught a flu bug. He rested at home for 2 days before going back to school.

What a way to mark Big Buddy’s first day at school. Well, a small consolation…..I think that day made my son famous in school.

At the beginning

Monday, January 28, 2008

After numerous previous half-hearted attempts, I am endeavouring to put in some serious effort in blogging.

Why the renewed attempt, some may ask? Let’s see….Well, this should be a better (albeit less personal) option than keeping countless diaries that I am having trouble storing. I love writing and a blog may be my vain attempt to share my ramblings. This will be a good platform to journal my life and going-ons. Hopefully a commitment to this blog will also instil some discipline in me.